A Country Summer, and Sailing Fall

The cold is unrelenting as December approaches, but I’m writing a long overdue blog entry in the warm company of an old cast iron radiator circulating steam. The story of how I got to be sitting in a third story room of an old victorian, in a neighborhood of mansions was half a year in the making. I’ll do my best to shorten the telling of it because I’m more excited about the adventures to come!

After my bike ride I got a week of R&R in Key West thanks to Jason and Franklin, My Couchsurfing buddies. I scored a cheap rental car and drove non stop from Fort Lauderdale to my parents place in Spencer, New York. It was great to be back home with my parents and brother. Home cooking, watching the sunset on the front porch while drinking a beer, fun social gatherings, stimulating conversations, and falling asleep to the sound of frogs chirping in the pond. There’s no place like home. 

My brother Branden put me to work logging right away. See, my brother is a visionary. Almost three years ago he got it into his head that he was going to get some land and put a house on it. He saved all of his money while being a diesel mechanic in Antarctica and bought 10 acres, then decided to build a cabin himself. Of course, to build a cabin he would have to mill his own wood so he’d need to build a saw mill. Pretty standard thought progression right? 

Taking advantage of his intelligence, ingenuity, and mechanical knowledge, He made his own commercial size saw mill! He borrowed parts from trucks and bikes and garage doors and scrap metal bins and welded and cut and fabricated on and off for two years until it was complete. Before I got home he got a job felling fifty 100’ tall white pines out of the back of someones property. This was his cabin. Green. Covered in bark. Swaying in the breeze. Laughing at us small humans. 

We spent two months of the hot summer laboriously felling and processing the trees. The sun went up, the sun went down, trees fell, limbs were removed, trunks bucked, logs trailered home. The sun went up, the sun went down. I almost gave up because of constant exhaustion, which turned out to be Lyme disease. After inventing a “log grabber”, which was a tractor with a fabricated hydraulic grabber attachment,  I was able to help finish the job (operating the log grabber while sitting on my butt! ). 

It was a fun summer with plenty of socializing, hiking and music making. Friends came up to visit me and I was happy to show off our country paradise. Me, Branden, and my folks travelled to Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Maryland to visit friends and family. 

But that two months of uninterrupted adventure left me longing for my next trip and all of the mental clarity that I achieved on my ride quickly became cloudy when I got back to “real life”. I was left feeling like I had unanswered questions and unfinished business with the road. 

I went to NYC for a few days with a friend at the end of the summer, and then visited Newport, RI. for a couple days because I heard there was sailing there and I needed to make some money! I walked the docks and picked up a job on a daysailing schooner. I found a crewhouse for us yachty types and was moved in and working before I knew it. The tourist biz in the northeast dies off after the summer so I wasn’t making very much money, but I couldn’t complain about getting to go sailing in beautiful Narragansett bay all day. 

I met some great people and enjoyed riding around such a picturesque historic town on my trusty Aurora. The schooner I was working on closed for business at the end of October. The night of my last day of work I was cooking dinner in the kitchen and one of my roommates asked me if I was looking for work. He was leaving the boat he had been working on to go to the caribbean. Two days later I was starting my new job as dayworker and delivery crew on a 110’ sailboat. It was hauled out in the yard and the understanding was that I would help get the boat ready to go back in the water and then help deliver it to Antigua. 

It was nice to have a steady income but the delivery date kept getting pushed back and since I already had a flight booked for December first, I can’t do do the delivery. Hawai’i awaits. 8 days on O’ahu and another 18 days on Kaua’i. I’m going with friends and family and meeting more friends and family there. This will be my 5th time and I love it more every time I go! After Hawai’i I’ll be flying straight to Cambodia, where I’ll spend a month wandering around. I don’t have a plan or any money and I’ll do my best to get into some kind of trouble for adventures sake. 

I’m hesitant to write about plans that aren’t set in stone, but right now it’s looking like my new documentarian career is going to start out with a bang. I’m most likely going to shoot my first travel documentary in India right after Cambodia. The documentary will be on three guys who are going to build a wooden boat near nepal and sail it down the Brahmaputra river. 

After that I have a delivery lined up from California to Australia, which is at the top of my bucket list. That’s all the future plans I’m willing to write down for now. I’m happy to say that Trev’s Travels is back in business! Stay posted, as things are getting exciting. 

P.S. I’ll be posting pictures and videos of the summer and fall soon!

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